VSAM Update (option 5.7)

Use this option to display VSAM data and update records or control intervals.

Be careful when updating control intervals. If you make incorrect changes to control information, the data set may become unusable.

To update a record:

  1. Locate the record you want to update. As well as using standard ways of scrolling or finding, you can overtype the RBA, key and slot fields. By default keyed access is used for keyed data, and addressed access for non-keyed data. Specifying a RBA for a KSDS sets addressed sequence for subsequent scrolling.
  2. Select the record with the Zoom function key (F2).
  3. Change the data, using standard edit techniques.
  4. Press the Exit function key (F3) to save the changed record, or Cancel function key (F12) to discard the changes.

Z Data Tools prints a log of the changed record, provided your print output is not routed to the terminal. Alter the destination of the print log by changing the value in the PRINTOUT entry field of the Set Print Processing Options panel (see Printing from Z Data Tools). You can select another record to update or leave the function.

To specify control interval access to see full control intervals (including control information) instead of logical records, enter YES in the CI access field. Control intervals are processed in addressed sequence. You cannot use CI access with a compressed KSDS (this is a system restriction).

VSAM update uses the same primary commands as Disk Track Edit (option 5.2).