Viewing your Catalog Entry Details

To view the Catalog Entry Details for your data set:

  1. Perform either of these actions:
    • In the Catalog Services panel, type a fully qualified data set name (and optionally the catalog name) for the existing entry, then enter I on the Command line.
    • From the Catalog Services panel, display a list of data set names.
  2. In the Data Set List panel, enter I in the line command field adjacent to the entry you want to view.

    An Entry Details panel for the entry type of your data set is displayed, showing the catalog information. For example, if your data set is a VSAM KSDS file, the VSAM Entry Details panel is displayed.

The Entry Details panel shows basic information about your data set. From this panel, you can display another panel that shows information about the associations for your data set. For VSAM files only, you can display another panel that shows the VSAM Extent information.

To display or alter any other information, you must use the IDCAMS utility. For more information about IDCAMS parameters, see z/OS DFSMS Access Method Services for Catalogs.

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