Viewing segmented data

When viewing data using a segmented data template, in either the View or Edit panels, only one segment type is displayed at a time in TABL, CHAR, HEX or LHEX display modes, depending upon the current setting of the SHOW SUP command. In this respect, viewing segmented data is very similar to viewing unsegmented data with many record types.

To view a different segment type in the editor panel:

  1. Type the VIEW (V) primary command on the command line.
  2. Place your cursor on the shadow line for the segment type you want to display and press Enter.

To view a different segment type in the Edit panel you can use the method described above or you can:

  1. Enter the V command in the prefix field for the appropriate shadow line.
Note: Both of these methods are identical to changing record types in unsegmented data.

Because segmented records typically have many segment types, each of which will display as a separate shadow line, you may find it convenient to hide the shadow lines while looking at a particular segment type. To do this:

  1. Enter the SHAD SUP OFF primary command on the command line.

For example, if this command is applied to the sample data seen in Figure 3, the result would be:

Figure 1. Segmented records with “suppressed” shadow lines turned off.
       #2       #3      #4
       AN 1:2   AN 3:3  AN 6:20
       <>       <->     <---+----1----+---->
****** ****  Top of data  ****
000001 01       FIN     Accountant
000003 01       FIN     Purchasing Officer
000005 01       FIN     Accounts Receivable
000007 01       MKT     Sales Representative
000009 01       MKT     Promotions Manager
000011 01       MKT     Market Research
000013 01       ADM     Chief Executive
000015 01       ADM     Secretary/PA
000017 01       ADM     Receptionist
000019 01       ADM     Clerical Officer
****** ****  End of data  ****                

To switch the segment types, you need to redisplay the shadow lines (SHAD SUP ON), then re-apply the VIEW command to the required Record Type.