Seeing why a record is not-selected

In an editor session, if a record is not selected, Z Data Tools indicates the reason in the prefix area for the record.

When you use the SHOW command (or one or more of the Expose options on the on the Editor Options panel is selected) to show not-selected records, the prefix area (if displayed) indicates why each record was not selected. One of the following values is displayed in the prefix area of each not-selected record:
Indicates the record was not selected because, although it matched one of the record types identified in the template, it did not match the record selection criteria provided for that record type.
Indicates the record was not selected because one of the following is true:
  • The record length did not fall within the valid range for any of the record types in the template.
  • The record length falls within the valid range for a record type in the template, but that record type contains a variable-length array, and the record length is not consistent with the value of the field that defines the number of items in the array.

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