XV (REXX Variable to VSAM) -- REXX only

Copy a REXX stem variable to a VSAM data set.
Usage notes
Each variable is copied, starting with stem.1 and finishing with stem.nnn, where nnn is the value of stem.0.

For example, if stem is VARXX. and VARXX.0 has the value 3, the variables VARXX.1, VARXX.2, and VARXX.3 are copied to a VSAM data set.

This procedure is available only from a REXX procedure.

Related function
Copy records from a VSAM data set to a REXX stem variable
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                     .-OUTPUT=VSAMOUT-.  .-REUSE=NO----.   
                     +-OUTPUT=ddname--+  '-REUSE=reuse-'   

Refers to a DD or TSO ALLOC statement. The default is VSAMOUT.
Name of a VSAM data set.
Specify YES to replace any existing records in the output data set (if it is defined with the REUSE parameter in the catalog). Specify NO to add new records without deleting the old records. The default is NO.
A REXX stem variable name. The maximum length is 44 characters.