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              .-INITOFF-.   .-PROFILE---.   .-CAPSCMD---.     
              '-INITON--'   '-INITFIXED-'   '-NOCAPSCMD-'     

Controls the setting of the CAPS option in edit. A number of options are provided, which allow you to:
  • Set the initial value (either CAPS ON or CAPS OFF) for new Z Data Tools users.
  • Force all users of the Z Data Tools editor to commence an edit session with either CAPS ON or CAPS OFF; alternatively to allow the user to control the initial CAPS setting using a new editor option, that is saved in the user's ISPF profile.
  • Disable the CAPS command within a Z Data Tools edit session.

    You can use certain settings of the EDITCAPS parameters to create an environment where every Z Data Tools edit session starts with CAPS ON, and this cannot be altered using the CAPS OFF command.

There are three sub-parameters to EDITCAPS. You do not have to specify them all in HFM0POPT, but if you do so, they must be in the order shown in the syntax diagram. If you specify more than one, they must be separated by commas. If you specify any sub-parameters, you must also provide the parentheses.


These sub-parameters are described below.

Determines the initial CAPS setting in the user's profile, when the profile is first created.

For users with an existing Z Data Tools profile, the effect depends on the setting of the second parameter (described below). If INITFIXED is specified for the second parameter, then every Z Data Tools edit session begins with either CAPS OFF if INITOFF is specified, or CAPS ON if INITON is specified.

Determines if the user can alter the initial setting of CAPS in Z Data Tools edit. INITFIXED prevents the user from altering the initial setting of CAPS. PROFILE allows the user to change this initial setting and it is preserved between Z Data Tools sessions in the user's profile.
Determines if the user is permitted to use the CAPS command within a Z Data Tools edit session. NOCAPSCMD does not affect the CASE command, which remains available for use.

When CAPSCMD is specified, the user can turn CAPS on or off in a Z Data Tools edit session, as required. When NOCAPSCMD is specified, the CAPS command is disabled, and is fixed at whatever setting was selected when the Z Data Tools edit session commenced.