Accessing source code in CA-Panvalet libraries

The CA-Panvalet interface enables Z Data Tools to work with COBOL copybooks, PL/I include books, and HLASM copybooks stored in CA-Panvalet libraries.

Before you can use this, you must change the default options to specify one of:

If you want to access only CA-Panvalet libraries, specify LMS=PANVALET. For the use of LMS=(…,USERLMS) or LMS=(USERLMS,…), see Other library management systems.

For information about the LMS option, see LMS. For more information on how to change the default options, see Changing the default options.

If you do not change the LMS option to one of the above values, you will receive an error message if you attempt to access copybooks in a CA-Panvalet library.
  1. This support is provided for CA-Panvalet release 14 and above.
  2. Ensure that your CA-Panvalet library is defined either with DSORG=DA, or with DSORG=PS and LRECL=0.