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Controls whether the CCSID Warning message will be displayed when ZDT/Db2 connects to a Db2® subsystem, if the CCSID of the terminal differs from the CCSID of the plan. ZDT/Db2 connects to a Db2 subsystem when the application is first entered or when the Db2 SSID is changed.

This option is used in conjunction with the CCSIDWARN option in the HFM2POPI macro.

An option is provided to allow you to stop the displaying of the CCSID Warning message when there is a mismatch between the terminal CCSID and the SSID plan CCSID.

Each parameter contains two CCSIDS. These are the CCSID of the plan and the CCSID of the terminal. These CCSIDs are separated by a comma and the whole parameter is enclosed in parentheses.

Up to five pairs of CCSIDs may be specified. If more than one pair is specified the parameters must be separated by a comma and the parameters must be enclosed in an outer pair of parentheses.

If you do not specify CCSIDWARNIGNORE in your HFM2SSDM macro, the default is no parameters.