Important information about CDRM

The CDRM becomes critical when processing any Db2® view in a Db2 version 9 or later system. This is because Db2 records the CDRM in effect when the view was created in the Db2 catalog tables. When the view is subsequently accessed, Db2 checks the CDRM when the view was created against the CDRM of the process attempting to access the view. If the two values do not match, Db2 disallows the access and issues SQLCODE-270. The CDRM for the process must be changed to be the same as the CDRM value when the view was originally created, in order for the view access to succeed.

This restriction applies to every view created in a Db2 version 9 system (or later), regardless of whether or not there are DECFLOAT columns defined in the view.