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Specifies the language which is to be used for compiling a source member to create a template.
Use the COBOL compiler
Use the PL/I compiler
Use the HLASM compiler
Z Data Tools analyzes the source to determine whether the language of the source is COBOL or PL/I and creates a template based on the result. It does not recognize HLASM source.
Note: The COMPLANG setting in FMN0POPT is the equivalent of the LANG parameter in batch functions.
  • If COMPLANG is set it determines the installation default language for online and batch compilation.
  • If COMPLANG is not specified then COBOL is the installation default for online compilation and AUTO is the default for batch compilation.
  • If a value of COBOL, HLASM, PL/1, or AUTO is specified (in the Compiler Language Selection panel or through the LANG parameter in a batch job) it overrides the default language.