Controlling the use of the COBOL compiler

A FACILITY CLASS profile is provided to allow you to control access to the Z Data Tools internal COBOL compiler:


If a user ID running Z Data Tools has READ access (or above) to this profile, then the Z Data Tools internal compiler will always be used for compiling templates from COBOL copybooks. If this profile does not exist or if the user ID has ACCESS NONE to this profile, the usual rules determining which compiler is used are honored. See Using a supported COBOL compiler and Using the Z Data Tools COBOL compiler.

In order to achieve this, Z Data Tools makes RACROUTE calls, with STATUS=ACCESS, to the FACILITY profiles.

When RACF® is used, the STATUS=ACCESS request works as documented, and no security-related logging or abends are generated, even if you do not have access to the profile.

However, when non-RACF security products (such as ACF2) are used, an ABEND S047 may be issued in response to the above RACROUTE request. These users should consult the relevant product documentation and make changes accordingly.