Changing the default options

Default processing options are supplied with ZDT/Db2 in the module HFM2POPT. You can change these options to suit your installation requirements. You also use HFM2POPT to define your Db2® subsystems, and, in a Db2 data sharing environment, your Db2 group attachment identifiers. You use the usermod HFM2UMDP to install your version of HFM2POPT.

Note: The options in HFM2POPT are also available to Z Data Tools base function in HFM0POPT. However, any option changed in the ZDT/Db2 options macro only takes effect in ZDT/Db2.

You change the options as follows:

  1. Copy the member HFM2POPT from HFM.SHFMSAM1 into your own source library.
  2. Change the options in HFM2POPT in your library according to your requirements. For a description of the options in HFM2POPT, and the values you can specify, see Z Data Tools options.
  3. Include your HFM2SSDM macros, (as described in Defining all Db2 systems that ZDT/Db2 will access in HFM2POPT (required), and HFM2SSDM), in the HFM2POPT member in your library.
  4. Include your HFM2POPI macros (if required), (as described in Customizing the ZDT/Db2 options, and HFM2POPI), in the HFM2POPT member in your library.
  5. Modify the HFM2UMDP member in HFM.SHFMSAM1 to meet your site's requirements. Refer to the usermod for information about changes you might need to make.
  6. Install SMP/E usermod HFM2UMDP.
Note: You can also use the sample job HFM2POPH to assemble HFM2POPT if you do not want to use SMP/E.