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Specifies the Db2® run libraries for the Db2 subsystem defined by SSID.
You only need to specify a value for DB2RLIB if:
  • The Db2 run libraries have not been added to the LINKLIST, and the libraries have not been allocated as part of the TSO logon procedure, or any initialization clist or exec run prior to starting ZDT/Db2.


  • Db2 run libraries have been added to the LINKLIST, but the libraries in the LINKLIST are for a different version or release of Db2 to the Db2 system defined in this HFM2SSDM macro.
Note: If you add your Db2 run libraries to the same TSO logon procedure, or initialization clist or exec, as your Db2 load libraries, then the Db2 run libraries must also be APF-authorized.

See Alternatives for making ZDT/Db2 available for information about the LINKLIST and TSO logon procedures for ZDT/Db2.