About this document

These topics provide information needed to plan for, customize, maintain, and diagnose problems with HCL Z Data Tools.

Z Data Tools comprises four components:
  • Z Data Tools base function
  • HCL Z Data Tools Db2® component (ZDT/Db2)
  • HCL Z Data Tools IMS™ component (ZDT/IMS)
  • HCL Z Data Tools CICS® component (ZDT/CICS)

To install and use ZDT/Db2, ZDT/IMS, or ZDT/CICS, you must first install the same version of Z Data Tools base function. You cannot use ZDT/Db2, ZDT/IMS, or ZDT/CICS with any other version of Z Data Tools. You can install any of ZDT/Db2, ZDT/IMS, and ZDT/CICS in any order, at any time after you have installed Z Data Tools base function.

This book is divided into five sections:

You will need to read Part 1. Read Parts 2 to 4 if you intend to install that component.

If you intend to use ZDT/CICS with the ZCC server, you will need to read Customizing the Z Common Components server.

Parts 1 to 4 are further divided into chapters describing the preparation for customizing Z Data Tools and its components, and for customizing Z Data Tools, its components and the operating environment. The last chapter in each section describes how to verify your installation and customization.

Before you read this book, read the Z Data Tools Program Directory.