Step 2. Run the HFM2CHCK sample job

The Db2® objects created in Step 1. Define Db2 objects to be used during verification have referential constraints defined. Before these objects can be accessed, you need to run the Db2 CHECK DATA utility against the objects to ensure that the data does not violate any data constraints.

Take a copy of the "check data" member HFM2CHCK from the sample library.

Follow the instructions at the top of the sample. You need to review and possibly change the following values:

Job card
Specify a valid job card.
Change the default value DSN.SDSNLOAD to the name of the Db2 load library.
Change the default value DSN.SDSNPROC to the name of the Db2 procedure library. If a Db2 proclib is required, comment out the JCLLIB statement.
Change DSN to the name of the Db2 subsystem.
Change the default value SYS1.SORTLIB to the library name used by DFSORT or an equivalent sort product.

Submit the job. The expected return code is 0.