Alternatives for making Z Data Tools available

You can make Z Data Tools available to your users in one of four ways:
  • By concatenating HFM.SHFMMOD1 to your LINKLIST.
  • By adding HFM.SHFMMOD1 to the STEPLIB DD statement in your TSO logon procedure.
  • By activating the HFM.SHFMMOD1 data set using the TSO command, TSOLIB.
  • By adding HFM.SHFMMOD1 to the ISPLLIB DD concatenation.
Important: If you implement LIBDEFs to allocate the Z Data Tools load libraries for a TSO user, and that user also has access to Z Data Tools load libraries without having to issue LIBDEFs, the Z Data Tools load libraries must be the same (identical version and maintenance levels).


The Z Data Tools libraries are allocated in a user's TSO logon procedure. The ISPF main menu is customized to allow ZDT/Db2 as an option. Selecting this option runs an exec based on HFMINIT to allocate Z Data Tools libraries using LIBDEFs.

The Z Data Tools libraries allocated in the TSO logon procedure are different to the Z Data Tools libraries allocated in the exec using LIBDEFs.

In this situation problems will arise if the user has ZDT/Db2 running on one ISPF logical session, and Z Data Tools base component or ZDT/IMS running on a second ISPF logical session.


Most Z Data Tools modules are reentrant. In an ISPF split screen environment each Z Data Tools module will be loaded only once by the first ISPF session that requires it. If the user starts another ISPF session and runs Z Data Tools, any modules needed by Z Data Tools will only be loaded if the module in not already loaded. This can result in unpredictable results - in terms of the module loaded - depending on whether Z Data Tools Base or Z Data Tools IMS™ is started before a Z Data Tools Db2® session, or vice versa.

To make Z Data Tools readily available from ISPF, configure your ISPF environment as described in Customizing the operating environment for Z Data Tools.