Troubleshooting problems with APF-authorization

If you expect Z Data Tools to be running APF-authorized in batch mode, and it does not appear to be doing so, you can check this by submitting a Z Data Tools batch job with the control statement:

If the VER function indicates that Z Data Tools is not APF-authorized, it means that HFM.SHFMMOD1 is not APF-authorized. Check that IEAAPFxx is set up correctly and selected in IEASYSxx. You will need to re-IPL to activate IEAAPFxx. Alternatively, you can use PROGxx (if it is available on your system).

If a JOBLIB or STEPLIB statement is used to specify the Z Data Tools load library, ensure that the Z Data Tools load library is not concatenated with a non APF-authorized library. If a library concatenation includes a non-authorized library, (for example, you have not authorized your COBOL compiler library), then no library in that concatenation will be authorized.

If you start Z Data Tools from an ISPF selection panel, the VER command will always show that Z Data Tools is not APF-authorized, as Z Data Tools cannot run APF-authorized under ISPF. Z Data Tools functions that require APF-authorization are not supported under ISPF.

If you plan to use SMF for audit logging you must ensure that the module HFMSMF is APF-authorized. You also need to provide an SMF number, either in the appropriate option's module or parmlib member. See Customizing Z Data Tools to write audit records to SMF.

The current Z Data Tools function is terminated when auditing to SMF fails.

Message "Unable to link to HFMSMF. TSOLNK RC=20 (Dec) REASON CODE=56 (Dec)" is diagnostic of an APF authorization failure. The most common causes are: