Parameter list contents

Register 1 points to a parameter list, which contains the following fields:

  1. Pointer to an 8-character security-class string that has one of the following values:
    Checks a user's authority to access a DASD volume with disk fullpack processing.
    Checks a user's authority to use a Z Data Tools function, or a FULLPACK or BLP operation.
    Requests cleanup processing by the exit.
  2. Pointer to a 44-character entity string:

    If parameter 1 is DASDVOL, parameter 2 is the volser.

    If parameter 1 is FACILITY, parameter 2 is the profile name shown in Table 3.

  3. Reserved.
  4. Pointer to an 8-character access string. The string has the value READ, UPDATE, CONTROL, or ALTER, as described in z/OS Security Server RACF Command Language Reference.
  5. Pointer to an 8-character function code (the name of a Z Data Tools function).
  6. Pointer to a 2-byte flags field, consisting of the following 16 bits:
    Batch mode
    Full-screen mode
    Line mode
    Command mode
    XA environment
    ESA environment
  7. Pointer to an 8-character user ID.
  8. Pointer to an 8-character job name.
  9. Reserved.
  10. Pointer to a 1-fullword user field.

    This fullword is not used by Z Data Tools. The exit can use this fullword to remember information (such as an address) from one call to another.

    Z Data Tools initializes this fullword to binary zero at first invocation of the exit.