Preparing to customize ZDT/Db2

Before you can install and customize ZDT/Db2 you must have installed the Z Data Tools base function. These topics assume you have installed ZDT/Db2 into the same target and distribution libraries as Z Data Tools base function. You could encounter problems using Z Data Tools if you do not install ZDT/Db2 in the same libraries as the base function.

Furthermore, before you can use ZDT/Db2 you must customize ZDT/Db2 and the operating environment. You may also need to customize Z Data Tools base function. Customizing Z Data Tools describes the customization of Z Data Tools base function.

Attention: Granting access to Db2® resources is a Db2 task, not a Z Data Tools task. Consult your site's Db2 administrator or security administrator before proceeding. If, after careful consideration of your site's security requirements and the requirement for ZDT/Db2 to access the Db2 catalog, you are unable to provide ZDT/Db2 users with the appropriate level of access, do not attempt to install and use ZDT/Db2.

To function correctly, ZDT/Db2 requires access to various Db2 catalog tables. The configuration of Db2 security/authorization is described in the Db2 Administration Guide. Only general information is provided on how you might allow ZDT/Db2 users SELECT access to the Db2 catalog tables. Consider your site's security requirements and how Db2 security is implemented and administered when selecting the most appropriate method for your installation. For example, many sites have a standard that SELECT access on some or all of the Db2 catalog tables must not be granted to PUBLIC.

There are three customization tasks you must perform for ZDT/Db2, otherwise you will not be able to use ZDT/Db2.

Table 1 lists the customization tasks that you can perform for ZDT/Db2. Read the referenced sections to see if you need to perform the customization described.