HFM2POPT-controlled auditing

Use the AUDIT option in HFM2SSDM to customize how ZDT/Db2 records an audit trail.

When recording of audit information is optional, this is determined by the individual setting of Create an audit trail in the user's Editor global options.

For optional auditing, AUDIT=(OPTIONAL,OFF) is suggested as the best option when audit data is written to data sets, rather than SMF, and when auditing is an exceptional, rather than a normal process.

Note: The AUDIT option is active only when data is modified via the editor (view, browse or edit) or copy utility. The setting of this option is ignored for any other Z Data Tools function that allows data to be modified, and for data modified by the ISPF editor, even though this is from within Z Data Tools.

Auditing can be selectively disabled when using ZDT/Db2 view or browse by specifying AUDITBROWSE=N in the HFM2SSDM macro definition for a Db2® system. Specifying this option does not affect the audit records produced when using ZDT/Db2 edit. See AUDITBROWSE for information about AUDITBROWSE.