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Specifies to ZDT/Db2 the owner of every Db2® catalog table or view accessed by ZDT/Db2.

The default is SYSIBM. This means the Db2 catalog tables are accessed directly. You can specify an alternative value if you want ZDT/Db2 to access a copy of the Db2 catalog tables, or views defined on the Db2 catalog tables.

Important: If you specify a value for CATOWNER, this value is used by ZDT/Db2 when accessing every Db2 subsystem defined in the HFM2POPT module (each subsystem is defined by a separate invocation of the HFM2SSDM macro). Therefore, if you allow ZDT/Db2 to access the Db2 catalog directly on one Db2 subsystem, you must do so for every Db2 subsystem accessed by ZDT/Db2. Similarly, if you define views on the Db2 catalog tables for one Db2 subsystem and direct ZDT/Db2 to access those views, you must define views, with the same owner, for every Db2 subsystem accessed by ZDT/Db2.

For more information about ZDT/Db2 and the Db2 catalog tables, see Granting access to the Db2 catalog (required).