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   |             .-INITOFF-.   .-PROFILE---.   |   
                 '-INITON--'   '-INITFIXED-'       

Controls whether a warning message will be displayed when ZDT/Db2 connects to a Db2® subsystem, if the CCSID of the terminal differs from the CCSID of the plan. ZDT/Db2 will connect to a Db2 subsystem when the application id first entered or when the Db2 SSID is changed.

This option is used in conjunction with the CCSIDWARNIGNORE option in the HFM2SSDM macro.

Options are provided to allow you to:
  • Set the initial value of the system CCSID Warning message option for new ZDT/Db2 users.
  • Force the system CCSID Warning message option for all ZDT/Db2 users; alternatively allow ZDT/Db2 users to control the initial setting using the new system option, that is saved in the user's ISPF profile.

There are two sub-parameters to CCSIDWARN. You do not have to specify them all in HFM2POPI, but if you do so, they must be in the order shown in the syntax diagram. If you specify more than one, they must be separated by commas and enclosed in parentheses.

If you do not specify CCSIDWARN at all in your HFM2POPI macro, the default setting of (INITOFF,PROFILE) is used.

Note: This option only applies to Db2 Release 7 and later.

The sub-parameters are described below.

Determines the initial system CCSID Warning message option setting in the user's profile, when the profile is first created.

For users with an existing ZDT/Db2 profile, the effect depends on the setting of the second parameter (described below). If INITFIXED is specified for the second parameter, then every ZDT/Db2 edit session begins with either the system CCSID Warning message option not being set if INITOFF is specified, or the system CCSID Warning message option being set if INITON is specified.

Determines if the user can alter the initial setting of system CCSID Warning message option in ZDT/Db2 edit.

INITFIXED prevents the user from altering the initial setting of the system CCSID Warning message option.

PROFILE allows the user to change this initial setting and it is preserved between ZDT/Db2 sessions in the user's profile.