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Controls how ZDT/Db2 connects to Db2® subsystems or data sharing groups.
Connection will only be attempted to active Db2 subsystems or groups defined in the HFM2SSDM macro. The default is DEFINED.
Will allow ZDT/Db2 to attempt to connect to any specified SSID, whether defined in the HFM2SSDM macro or not. ZDT/Db2 will only attempt connection to an SSID (either Db2 subsystem or data sharing group) that is active on the local z/OS® system.

CONNECT=ANY over-rides DISPLAY=UNAVAIL and DISPLAY=HIDDEN specified in the HFM2SSDM macro, however the connection will only be attempted if the specified subsystem or group is active.

Excludes Hidden or Unavailable Db2 systems when attempting to connect to a Db2 system. If no parameters are specified for EXCLUDE, both Hidden and Unavailable systems are excluded. If both parameters are specified, separate them with a comma. The parameters may be abbreviated to H and U respectively.