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Specifies the name of the data module ZDT/Db2 will use when displaying Db2® catalog table information, with ZDT/Db2 options 3.4, 3.5 and 4.5.

ZDT/Db2 uses a data module to display the Db2 catalog table information in a specific language. If no value is specified for OP34MOD, ZDT/Db2 determines which module to load from the value specified for the LANGUAGE option in HFM2POPT. You can specify a value for OP34MOD to override this automatic selection of the data module.

The name of the module is in the form HFM2Dyyy.

The default for OP34MOD is OP34MOD=(blank). In this case ZDT/Db2 will load a module HFM2Dyyy where yyy is the language code for the language specified on the LANGUAGE option in HFM2POPT. See Table 1, for doptop34mod.

  1. If LANGUAGE=ENGLISH is specified in HFM2POPT and a value for OP34MOD is not specified, then the module used is HFM2DENU.
  2. If a value is specified for LANGUAGE but no module HFM2Dyyy exists with a value for yyy corresponding to the LANGUAGE option, then HFM2DENU is used.