Enabling WebSphere MQ support

If you want to use Z Data Tools to access WebSphere® MQ queue managers and queue contents on the local z/OS® system where Z Data Tools is running, you must make the WebSphere MQ libraries available to Z Data Tools.

For Z Data Tools base functions, the WebSphere MQ load libraries SCSQANLE, SCSQAUTH, and SCSQLOAD must be made available to the TSO or batch job user, either in the linklist, or as part of the STEPLIB in the TSO procedure (or batch JCL). Z Data Tools MQ functions make use of sending messages to the SYSTEM.COMMAND.QUEUE and creating a dynamic queue to retrieve the replies. The high level qualifier for this reply queue is customizable in the HFM0POPT table, as keyword MQREPHLQ. The sample options module contains a value of HFMTMQL. for the high level qualifier. When the dynamic queue name is passed to the MQ APIs for construction, it will use the HLQ as specified in the options module, appended with the current user ID and a ".*" string. The MQ manager being used will then return the full dynamic name to be used. You can change this high level qualifier to suit your installation's MQ security rules.

Note: ISPF LIBDEF ISPLLIB cannot be used to access these libraries.

For ZDT/CICS using the ZCC server, they must be added to the configuration data for the HFMLIB concatenation in the Z Common Components CONFIG DD concatenation. For more information about the ZCC server and configuration data, see Customizing the Z Common Components server.