Customizing to use DFSORT to improve Z Data Tools performance

Z Data Tools can use DFSORT to improve the performance of the Data Set Copy and Data Set Print functions under ISPF and in batch.

If DFSORT is enabled, its COPY function will be used to copy data to Auxiliary Storage (VSAM RRDS) when editing large data sets under ISPF. Z Data Tools accesses DFSORT using the aliases ICEDFSRT and ICEDFSRB.

Z Data Tools will use DFSORT provided it can find DFSORT and verify that it is at the correct maintenance level for Z Data Tools use. DFSORT is an optional, priced feature of z/OSĀ®; you must have a DFSORT license to use DFSORT outside Z Data Tools. However, the DFSORT code is always shipped with z/OS; as long as you did not delete the DFSORT libraries when you installed z/OS, you can enable Z Data Tools to use the DFSORT code.

The following topics describe how you can customize Z Data Tools to use DFSORT or a sort product from an independent software vendor.