Customizing the batch procedure

Customizing the batch procedure is only required if you have specified START=BATCH in the HFM3POPT module or you plan to use the START=BATCH invocation option on the HFM transaction.

The batch procedure, HFM3CICB, is required to run the ZDT/CICS batch job. You will need to customize HFM3CICB before you can use it. You do this as follows:

  1. Copy the member HFM3CICB from HFM.SHFMSAM1 into your own procedure library.
  2. Modify HFM3CICB in your library.
    • Change #hfmhlq to the high level qualifier for the Z Data Tools target libraries.
    • Change #hfihlq to the high level qualifier for the ZCC target libraries. ZCC is required for the operation of ZDT/CICS. Information about installing ZCC is included in the Z Data Tools Program Directory.
    • If the name of the TCP/IP address space is not the default value of 'TCPIP', uncomment the SYSTCPD DD statement and change #tcpparms to the data set and member name that contains the appropriate TCPIPJOBNAME parameter.
    • If you plan to access WebSphere┬« MQ queues from ZDT/CICS, uncomment the three MQ target library statements in the STEPLIB concatenation and change #mqhlq to the high level qualifier of your MQ libraries. The required MQ libraries are: SCSQAUTH, SCSQANLE, and SCSQLOAD.
    • If you plan to access ZDT/Db2 from ZDT/CICS and use the Db2┬« DSN command processor, uncomment the Db2 load library statement in the STEPLIB concatenation and change #db2hlq to the high level qualifier of your Db2 load library. The Db2 load library is: SDSNLOAD

      If you are using more than one version of Db2, then specify the load library of the earliest version of Db2 you are using.

  1. The member name HFM3CICB is used on the *PROCNAME statement in HFM3PRFD, which you customize for the job HFM3INST. If you change the name of the member here, you must also change the name specified on the *PROCNAME statement to match when customizing HFM3INST. See Modifying and submitting HFM3INST for information about HFM3PRFD and HFM3INST.
  2. For customization you can perform for ZCC, see Customizing Z Common Components for use with ZDT/CICS.

Profile data sets

HFMPROF (#hfm.profile.dsn) is used to populate the ZDT/CICS logon panel.

The data set specified on the *PROFILE statement in HFM3PRFD and in the ZDT/CICS logon panel is the ZCC profile data set used to store information about the ZDT/CICS session for the user (similar to an ISPF profile data set).