Setting up CICS access for Z Data Tools base component

To access a CICS® resource from the Z Data Tools Base functions, you must perform each of the steps shown here:

  1. Enable CICS Interregion communications

    Specify the system initialization parameter IRCSTRT=YES, or ensure IRC is started dynamically with an OPEN IRC command.

  2. Define connections to CICS
    Copy member HFMCCONN from HFM.SHFMSAM1 into your JCL library and customize the JCL as described in the member. Ensure the group is defined and included in the start up list for the CICS regions to be connected to.
    Note: If you change the transaction name of HFMX, ensure you customize the Z Data Tools base and server options modules to specify the new transaction name via the EXCITRAN parameter (see Step 5).
  3. Install Z Data Tools for CICS

    ZDT/CICS must be installed at the level where EXCI support was introduced in all relevant CICS regions.

  4. Ensure the ZCC server is installed and configured for Z Data Tools

    Z Common Components must be installed at V1R1, and the ZCC server configured for Z Data Tools and started.

  5. Option module changes

    If the transaction ID HFMX was changed in Step 2, then HFM0POPT must be modified to specify the new transaction ID by means of the EXCITRAN keyword.

  6. EXCI Load library

    The CICS external interface library cicshlq.SDFHEXCI must be made available to TSO, the batch job, or the ZCC server, either in the linklist, or as a part of the STEPLIB in the TSO procedure, or batch JCL, or as a part of the HFMLIB in the configuration file used by the ZCC server startup procedure. If you are using a STEPLIB, then you should customize the batch job submission skeleton HFMFTEXC to include the library.


    Copy member HFMCAPPL from HFM.SHFMSAM1 into your own PDS(E) data set that has the attributes of record format FB and logical record length 80. Edit this member to provide a list of CICS regions that are accessible to Z Data Tools. This is used to support generic queries from the Z Data Tools ISPF interface.

    The layout of the member is:
    1 - 8
    CICS VTAM® applid
    10 - 72
    CICS region description

    All users must have read access to the data set and the HFMCICS DD should be defined to the TSO procedure and the ZCC server Z Data Tools configuration.

  8. Security
    All CICS communications are performed under the security defined for the user running the Z Data Tools function. A user must have update access to the FACILITY class profile DFHAPPL.user ID to be authorized to use the EXCI Call interface. You must define the FACILITY class profiles shown here:
    Where userid is either a generic name or a specific user name. We recommend you use an asterisk (*) and control access to the facility class using the permissions.
    Users requiring CICS access should be given UPDATE access to the FACILITY class as shown here:

For more information about setting up the CICS external interface, refer to the CICS Transaction Server for z/OS® CICS External Interfaces Guide.