Checklist for installing and customizing ZDT/CICS

Table 1. Summary of steps for customizing ZDT/CICS and the operating environment
__ 1 Update your CICS® startup procedures - required.
See Updating the CICS startup procedures.
__ 2 Provide OMVS segments for the CICS region user ID and other users - required.
See Providing OMVS segments for ZDT/CICS users.
__ 3 Customize TCP/IP, if necessary.
See Customizing for CICS TCP/IP.
__ 4 Customize ZCC server, if necessary.
See Customizing the Z Common Components server.
__ 5 Customize to run base ZDT, ZDT/IMS and ZDT/Db2 through ZDT/CICS, if necessary.
See Accessing other Z Data Tools functions from the primary option menu.
__ 6 Customize for ZDT/CICS on interconnected CICS regions.
See Providing CICS resource definitions for ZDT/CICS on interconnected regions.
__ 7 Customize the ZDT/CICS batch procedure.
See Customizing the batch procedure.
__ 8 Modify and run the installation job, HFM3INST - required.
See Modifying and submitting HFM3INST.
__ 9 Customize to process COBOL copybooks.
See Customizing for processing COBOL copybooks.
__ 10 Customize to process PL/I include books.
See Customizing for processing PL/I include books.
__ 11 Customize to process HLASM copybooks.
See Customizing for processing HLASM copybooks.
__ 12 Customize to use DFSORT.
See Customizing to use DFSORT to improve Z Data Tools performance.
__ 13 Change the default options.
See Changing the default options.
__ 14 Change the print and display tables.
See Changing the print and display tables.
__ 15 Customize to use an I/O exit.
See Customizing to use an I/O exit.
__ 16 Customize the ZDT/CICS security environment.
See Customizing the ZDT/CICS security environment.
__ 17 Customize CICS security for ZDT/CICS.
See CICS security and ZDT/CICS.
__ 18 Determine how to customize the ZDT/CICS audit facility.
See Alternatives for controlling Z Data Tools CICS auditing.
__ 19 Customize ZDT/CICS for national languages.
See Customizing ZDT/CICS for national languages.