Customizing for processing COBOL copybooks

If you want to use COBOL copybooks with ZDT/CICS, a COBOL compiler must be made available to ZDT/CICS.

Z Data Tools provides an internal version of the COBOL compiler and you can also use another supported COBOL compiler, if one is made available to ZDT/CICS. See the instructions in Customizing for processing COBOL copybooks, substituting all references to the TSO logon procedure with the ZDT/CICS batch procedure, HFM3CICB.

For example, a supported COBOL compiler can be made available to ZDT/CICS by adding the HFMCOB DD statement to HFM3CICB.

This step must be completed if you are using COBOL copybooks through the ZDT/CICS interface, or through the Z Data Tools base function interface running under ZDT/CICS.

Note: This functionality requires ADATA, therefore the COBOL compiler must be one that has the ADATA capability. COBOL compilers such as VS COBOL II, and OS/COBOL, which do not support ADATA, cannot be used. All currently supported versions of IBM® Enterprise COBOL for z/OS® and OS/390® provide this support, and can therefore be used.