Customizing to use an I/O exit

ZDT/CICS allows you to provide a user I/O exit for use when processing data. This enables you to process records in resources which are subject to any kind of pre- or post-processing not offered directly by Z Data Tools. See Customizing Z Data Tools to use an I/O exit for further details about the exit.

To specify that an I/O exit can be used through the ZDT/CICS interface, or through the Z Data Tools base function interface under ZDT/CICS, set the USEIOX option in HFM3POPT. If required, you can also provide the name of a site-specific I/O exit. For more information about USEIOX, see USEIOX. For information about changing the options in HFM3POPT, see Changing the default options. This exit name can also be overridden by the user interactively. See the Z Data Tools User’s Guide and Reference for information about how to use the I/O exit.