Providing CICS resource definitions for ZDT/CICS on interconnected regions

ZDT/CICS can be used to edit, list, and so on, CICS® resources that are owned by remote CICS regions. An active connection must be available on the region where the ZDT/CICS interface is running, to the resource-owning CICS region. In addition, on each of the remote resource-owning CICS regions, you must:

After you have done this, a resource owned by a remote CICS region can be processed through the ZDT/CICS interface by specifying the SYSID of the remote CICS region.

Note: The service level (PTF level) of the ZDT/CICS load modules must be the same (or higher) on all interconnected regions that you want the ZDT/CICS interface to link to, as on the local region.

This will automatically be true if you use the same ZDT/CICS load library for all your interconnected CICS regions. If you do not use the same load library, you must ensure that all the load libraries have the same service level applied. If ZDT/CICS calls another region to process remote files, an error message is produced if the remote region is not at the required service level.