Limiting the regions to which ZDT/CICS can connect

By default, ZDT/CICS will attempt to link to each system that has an active connection defined on the region where the ZDT/CICS interface is running. You can limit the regions that ZDT/CICS attempts to link to by performing the following tasks:

  1. Create a physical sequential data set (fixed, blocked, with 80 byte records) and enter the APPLID of each CICSĀ® region that ZDT/CICS should link to in the first column of a new line. Sample member HFM3CONN is provided in HFM.SHFMSAM1 which you can copy into your own sequential data set and modify for your requirements. Refer to the sample for more information.
  2. An active connection must exist and ZDT/CICS must be installed on each CICS region entered in this data set.
  3. Define the data set created in step 1 as an extrapartition transient data queue (tdqueue) to the CICS region where the ZDT/CICS interface is running. Refer to member HFM3INST in HFM.SHFMSAM1 library for a sample definition (tdqueue HFMC).
  4. Specify the name of the extrapartition tdqueue defined in step 3 on the CONN option of the ZDT/CICS options module, HFM3POPT. See Changing the default options for information about the ZDT/CICS options module.
  5. Re-install usermod HFM3UMDP, and refresh HFM3POPT in your CICS region.
After performing these tasks, ZDT/CICS will only attempt to link to connected CICS regions that:
  • Have been listed in the transient data queue defined to the CONN option.
  • Have acquired a valid connection on the CICS region where ZDT/CICS is running.