Changing the default options

Default processing options are supplied with ZDT/CICS in the module HFM3POPT. You can change these options to suit your installation requirements.

The first part of this module invokes the HFM0POPI macro and allows you to change options related to Z Data Tools processing (for example, audit logging and the print data set). See Z Data Tools options for a description of the available Z Data Tools options and the values you can specify.

Any option changed in HFM3POPT will be used by the ZDT/CICS interface and when running the Z Data Tools base interface under ZDT/CICS.

  1. If you have previously customized the Z Data Tools base function, the options specified in the HFM0POPT options module (not HFM3POPT) are used when running Z Data Tools base function under ISPF or batch. Therefore, if you want to run Z Data Tools base under ISPF and ZDT/CICS with similar installation requirements, you must ensure that the options specified in HFM0POPT match the options specified in HFM3POPT.

    For example, if you want Z Data Tools running through ISPF and ZDT/CICS to use the same audit log HLQ, ensure that the value specified for the AUDITHLQ option is identical in both HFM0POPT and HFM3POPT.

    If you do not plan to run Z Data Tools base function under ISPF or batch, then only HFM3POPT needs to be configured.

  2. When running ZDT/IMS through ISPF or through ZDT/CICS, all ZDT/IMS options are taken from HFM1POPT. Therefore you must ensure that the ZDT/IMS component is installed and configured to your requirements. See Customizing the ZDT/IMS installation options module for information about changing options in HFM1POPT.

The second part of the HFM3POPT options module invokes the HFM3POPI macro and allows you to change options specific to the CICSĀ® environment.

You use the usermod HFM3UMDP to install your version of HFM3POPT. HFM3UMDP is distributed in HFM.SHFMSAM1.

The options you can change in HFM3POPI are:
  • The file name of the CICS profile data set (PROF option).
  • The queue name of the transient data queue required for submission of CICS batch jobs (QRDR option).
  • The transaction name for the user ID verification program (TRANVU option).
  • The queue name of the ZDT/CICS message log transient data queue (MSGL option).
  • The name of the transient data queue with a list of APPLIDs of connected CICS regions (CONN option).
  • The ZDT/CICS start type (START option).
  • The port of ZCC server if START=TASK is specified (PORT option).
  • The host name of ZCC server (HOST option).

You change the options as follows:

  1. Copy the member HFM3POPT from HFM.SHFMSAM1 into your own source library.
  2. Change the options in HFM3POPT in your library, according to your requirements. For a description of the options in HFM3POPT, and the values you can specify, see Z Data Tools options.
  3. Modify HFM3POPI in the copy of HFM3POPT in your library, if required. See HFM3POPI for information about HFM3POPI.
  4. Modify the HFM3UMDP member in HFM.SHFMSAM1 to meet your site's requirements. Refer to the usermod for information about changes you might need to make.
  5. Install SMP/E usermod HFM3UMDP.
Note: You can also use the sample job HFM3POPH to assemble HFM3POPT if you do not want to use SMP/E.