Accessing other Z Data Tools functions from the primary option menu

You can allow users to invoke Z Data Tools base function, or ZDT/Db2 or ZDT/IMS (if installed), from the ZDT/CICS primary option menu.

To do this you customize your Z Data Tools base function security, using RACF® (or your equivalent security product), or HFMSECUR. For more information refer to Customizing the ZDT/CICS security environment.

If you plan to access ZDT/Db2 from ZDT/CICS, then ensure that the SYSPROC DD statement in HFM3CICB references the Z Data Tools CLIST library, SHFMCLIB. You should also ensure that the user's ZDT/CICS startup JCL specifies or defaults to a region size of at least 8M. For information about modifying HFM3CICB, see Customizing the batch procedure.