This chapter describes CICSĀ® security as it applies to ZDT/CICS. For complete information about CICS security, refer to the CICS Transaction Server for z/OS RACF Security Guide for your CICS release.

To allow ZDT/CICS to process user IDs and passwords correctly, the CICS system should be set up to run with SEC=YES. Without this option the ZDT/CICS logon panel will not be able to verify or change passwords.

This chapter provides an overview of CICS security that applies to the functions performed by ZDT/CICS. It is intended to help you:
  • Ensure proper security is implemented in your environment to prevent unauthorized access to CICS resources or commands through ZDT/CICS.
  • Determine why a NOTAUTH response was returned from a ZDT/CICS function.

    Note that a resp2 value of 100 indicates a command security failure, whereas a resp2 value of 101 indicates a resource security failure.

  1. CICS Security is turned on for the region by specifying SEC=YES as a SIT parameter.
  2. To use CICS Security to protect resources accessed in a transaction, you must specify RESSEC(YES) for the transactions HFM or HFMV. You can do this in HFM3INST (see HFM3INST). The default value for RESSEC in HFM3INST for HFM and HFMV is RESSEC(NO).