Updating the CICS startup procedures

You need to make the following changes to your CICSĀ® startup procedures, before you can use ZDT/CICS.
  • Add the group HFMCICS to a group list that is installed at CICS startup.
  • Add the ZDT/CICS load library to the DFHRPL DD in your CICS startup procedure. This will be HFM.SHFMMOD2 if you installed ZDT/CICS into the default libraries.
  • Add the following statement for the definition of the internal reader for job submission, to your startup procedure:

    If you change the name of the HFMRDR resource on the DEFINE TDQUEUE(HFMJ) statement in HFM3INST, then modify this statement in your startup procedure accordingly. See Modifying and submitting HFM3INST for information about HFM3INST.

    You might also have to modify your CICS startup procedures for TCP/IP customization. See Customizing for CICS TCP/IP for more information.

You should also ensure that your CICS system is set up to run with SEC=YES. Without this option the ZDT/CICS logon panel will not be able to verify or change passwords. For information about ZDT/CICS security, see CICS security and ZDT/CICS.

When you have done all this, restart the CICS region.