Customizing for CICS TCP/IP

ZDT/CICS communicates with the CICSĀ® transaction via TCP/IP. Therefore you must set up and configure CICS TCP/IP if you have not already done so for another application. The following is an outline of the steps required to do this. For detailed information, see the IP CICS Sockets Guide.

  1. Modify the startup JCL for the CICS region to include the DD statements required for TCP/IP. The required DD statements are listed in "Modifying CICS startup" in the IP CICS Sockets Guide.
  2. Define the required TCP/IP resources to CICS. Refer to the member EZACICCT in the SEZAINST TCP/IP target library, or the RDO definitions listed in "Defining CICS TCP/IP Resources" in the IP CICS Sockets Guide for a complete list of all required resource definitions.
  3. Optionally add the IP CICS entries to the PLT to automatically startup or shutdown the CICS Sockets Interface during CICS startup and shutdown. See "CICS Program List Table (PLT)" in the IP CICS Sockets Guide for a description of the IP CICS PLT entries.
    Note: If the IP CICS entries are not added to the PLT, then the CICS Sockets interface must be started manually through the EZAO,START,CICS transaction after every time the CICS region is restarted.
  4. Record the value of the TCPIPJOBNAME parameter specified in the TCPIP.DATA data set. This is the name of the started procedure used to start the TCP/IP Services address space and is required for the next step.
  5. Create the TCP/IP configuration file, and then configure it using the EZACICD macro. A complete description and sample JCL for creating and building the configuration file can be found in "Configuring the CICS TCP/IP Environment" in the IP CICS Sockets Guide.
  6. Restart the CICS region.
  7. If you did not add the IP CICS entries to the PLT, start the CICS sockets interface by issuing the EZAO,START,CICS transaction (if available).