Adding ZDT/Db2 to the Db2 Administration Launchpad

You can add ZDT/Db2 to the list of applications on the Db2® Admin Launchpad - see Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS User's Guide and Reference, Chapter 3, for a description of the Db2 Admin Launchpad and how it is customized.

You need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Define a Launchpad entry for ZDT/Db2 using the instructions in the Db2 Administration Tool manual. Use the values shown in Table 1.
  2. Locate the sample exec, HFM2ADIN, (distributed in HFM.SHFMSAM1.)
  3. Copy HFM2ADIN to a library that is allocated to SYSEXEC DD NAME when the Db2 Admin Launchpad is active. This could be the SADBEXEC library.
  4. In your copy of HFM2ADIN, change the names for the Z Data Tools libraries in the following statements to the appropriate values, if you are not using the default values.
    sfmnexec = "'HFM.SHFMEXEC'"
    sfmnllib = "'HFM.SHFMMOD1'"
    sfmnmlib = "'HFM.SHFMMENU'"
    sfmnplib = "'HFM.SHFMPENU'"
    sfmnslib = "'HFM.SHFMSLIB'"
    sfmntlib = "'HFM.SHFMTENU'"
  1. These instructions assume you will run ZDT/Db2 using LIBDEF/ALTLIB statements to allocate the Z Data Tools application libraries.
  2. If all the Z Data Tools application libraries are available when the Db2 Admin Launchpad is active, for example, when the libraries have been allocated in the user's TSO logon procedure, you can remove all the statements to assign the Z Data Tools libraries and to initiate and terminate the LIBDEFs and ALTLIB libraries. In this situation you should copy the sample exec to the Z Data Tools exec (SHFMEXEC) library.
Table 1. Values for Db2 Admin Launchpad definition
Admin Tool Field Value
PID 19OP1220
REL 110
NAME Z Data Tools Db2
GRP Choose a value (1..4)