Adding commands to start ZDT/Db2 functions from the Db2 Administration Tool

You can add one or more line commands to start the ZDT/Db2 editor and other ZDT/Db2 functions to the list of line commands that may be issued against a list of Db2® objects in Db2 Admin Tool. See the Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS User's Guide and Reference, Chapter 2 for a detailed description of how to do this. One reason to do this is to allow the ZDT/Db2 editor to be invoked for a Db2 object (table, view or alias) that appears in an Admin Tool object list.

You need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Locate the sample exec HFM2ADLC (distributed in HFM.SHFMSAM1).
  2. Review the codes and descriptions in the sample exec. You can change the line command code or description if required. Be careful to avoid conflicts with any existing line command codes in the Admin Tool table.
  3. Follow the directions in the Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS User's Guide and Reference to add the commands to the list of available commands for the Admin Tool "Tables, Views and Aliases" display. Be sure to check that the appropriate Admin Tool tables are updated for the various types of tables that may be displayed by Db2 Admin Tool. See the Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS User's Guide and Reference.
  4. Copy HFM2ADIE to a library that is allocated to SYSEXEC DD NAME when the Db2 Admin Launchpad is active. This could be the SADBEXEC library.
  5. In your copy of HFM2ADIE, change the names for the Z Data Tools libraries in the following statements to the appropriate values, if you are not using the default values.
    sfmnexec = "'HFM.SHFMEXEC'"
    sfmnllib = "'HFM.SHFMMOD1'"
    sfmnmlib = "'HFM.SHFMMENU'"
    sfmnplib = "'HFM.SHFMPENU'"
    sfmnslib = "'HFM.SHFMSLIB'"
    sfmntlib = "'HFM.SHFMTENU'"
  1. These instructions assume you will run ZDT/Db2 using LIBDEF/ALTLIB statements to allocate the Z Data Tools application libraries.
  2. If all the Z Data Tools application libraries are available when the Db2 Admin Tool is active, for example, when the libraries have been allocated in the user's TSO logon procedure, you can remove all the statements to assign the Z Data Tools libraries and to initiate and terminate the LIBDEFs and ALTLIB libraries. In this situation you should copy the sample exec to the Z Data Tools exec (SHFMEXEC) library.
When a ZDT/Db2 function is started via a Db2 Admin Tool line command, the following restrictions apply:
  • You cannot issue a command to change the currently connected Db2 system.
  • You cannot issue Db2 commands.
  • The SQLID used when ZDT/Db2 is started is the same as the users TSO logon ID, unless modified by a Db2 authorization exit.
  • Exiting the first panel displayed after the Db2 Admin Tool line command is issued returns to the Db2 Admin Tool Object List display. It is not possible to navigate to other parts of Z Data Tools. You can, however, use the pull-down options to perform ZDT/Db2 functions.