Customizing the ZDT/Db2 Primary Option Menu

This customization step is optional. Review this information to determine if you need to perform this step.

The ZDT/Db2 Primary Option Menu panel (HFM2ST00) provides an option to select Db2® Interactive. If the DB2I option is selected, the exec HFM2DB2I is called.

If you have customized the method used to start DB2I, for example, if your site displays a Db2 authorization panel before starting DB2I, you may need to modify the HFM2ST00 panel or the HFM2DB2I exec.

Owing to the wide range of possible customizations the information provided here is not specific to any particular method.

Panel HFM2ST00, as supplied, includes the following:
  ' ',' '
 DB2I  indicates where HFM2DB2I is called when Option 5, DB2I, is selected.
The exec HFM2DB2I, as supplied, allocates a data set to DDNAME DSNETBLS, before invoking DB2I using the following ISPF SELECT statement:

You may need to customize either the panel HFM2ST00, or the exec HFM2DB2I, if your site has a customized exec or panels called prior to starting DB2I.

  1. ZDT/Db2 provides two methods for allocating the Z Data Tools libraries. See Modifying the TSO logon procedure for further information. You must ensure that any processing in your site's Db2 invocation procedure does not de-allocate the ZDT/Db2 libraries.
  2. If your site's Db2 customization uses LIBDEF statements to allocate the required Db2 libraries, ZDT/Db2 allocates the required Db2 libraries (as defined in the HFM2SSDM macro for the connected Db2 system) at connect time: that is, when ZDT/Db2 is first started, or whenever the Db2 SSID is changed. ZDT/Db2 is connected to the Db2 system shown against "Db2 SSID" on the Primary Option Menu panel, HFM2ST00. This means that it is unnecessary for the DB2I invocation procedure to allocate the Db2 libraries prior to starting DB2I. You can determine the current LIBDEF allocation by starting ZDT/Db2 and issuing the ISPLIBD command on the command line.
  3. HFM2ST00 is distributed in HFM.SHFMPENU. HFM2DB2I is distributed in HFM.SHFMEXEC. If you decide to modify these or any other ZDT/Db2 parts to complete your customization for invoking DB2I, create a usermod to do this, to keep track of the changes to SMP/E controlled parts. For information about modifying panels, refer to the z/OS ISPF Dialog Developer's Guide. For information about modifying execs, refer to the z/OS ISPF Services Guide.