Using LIBDEFs to allocate the ZDT/Db2 Libraries

If you choose to use a CLIST or a REXX exec to dynamically define the required ZDT/Db2 libraries using LIBDEFs, also copy the REXX exec HFM2RESS from HFM.SHFMEXEC to a library that is defined in the SYSPROC or SYSEXEC concatenation at the time ISPF is started. If possible, this library should be the same library that contains the EXEC or CLIST that you initially use to start ZDT/Db2.

Note: Do not place HFM2RESS in a library defined by the TSO ALTLIB command. HFM2RESS is used during the invocation of a second (or subsequent) ZDT/Db2 edit session (related edit). The invocation of the related edit session will fail if this exec cannot be accessed at related edit invocation time. Libraries defined by the TSO ALTLIB command are not propagated to the second ISPF session started for the related edit, so it is not sufficient to place this exec in a library defined by the ALTLIB command.