RACF® PADS security

Program Access to Data Sets (PADS) allows users or groups of users to access data sets with higher authority than they would normally have, but only while running a specified program.

To run ZDT/IMS functions, users generally require more access to IMS™ data sets than they would ordinarily have. If you want this access to be restricted to when they are using ZDT/IMS functions, you should use PADS.

To run a ZDT/IMS function in DLI mode, users must be given UPDATE access to the RECON data sets, and if you want this function to use an IMS log, users must be given ALTER access to the IMS log data set.

When ZDT/IMS functions only require READ access to an IMS data set, you may choose not to restrict the access to when ZDT/IMS functions are used. However, when ZDT/IMS functions require UPDATE or ALTER access to the data set, as is the case for the RECON and IMS log data sets, the consequences of not restricting access can be more serious. So, access to these data sets should always be provided through PADS.

If PADS is used in the environment in which ZDT/IMS functions are run, you should take the following actions:
  • Set PADS=Y when you customize the ZDT/IMS installation options module.
  • For each subsystem specified in the ZDT/IMS installation options module, create a PDSE program library and set the DYNPSB parameter for the subsystem to the name of this library.

For more information on how to code the PADS and DYNPSB parameters, see ZDT/IMS options.