Securing dynamic PSBs in BMP mode

Dynamic PSB support enables a user to use ZDT/IMS to generate a PSB and an ACB that provide access to any database specified by the user. Furthermore, ZDT/IMS dynamically creates a PSB/ACB name using parameters supplied in the options macro, and these names are shared amongst all ZDT/IMS users. Consequently special methods must be employed to secure the BMP regions.

You can use one of the following methods to prevent unauthorized access to databases by the use of dynamic PSBs in BMP mode:
  • Provide a version of HFM1SXT to prevent unauthorized users from accessing specific databases via a dynamic PSB in BMP mode.
  • Authorize the ACBs dynamically generated by ZDT/IMS to an AGN and use RACF®, or an equivalent security product, to give selected user IDs the authority to use that AGN. Thus only selected users have the authority to use a dynamic PSB in BMP mode to access any database.