Specifying miscellaneous IMS subsystem details

Use the parameters in Table 1 to specify some miscellaneous IMS™ subsystem details that ZDT/IMS requires.

Table 1. Miscellaneous IMS subsystem details
Parameter Description
ACBMGMT Whether or not IMS manages the runtime application control blocks (ACBs).
DYNPRFN The maximum number of dynamic PSBs required by concurrent BMP users.
DYNPRFX The first 1- to 5-characters of the dynamic PSB names used by ZDT/IMS functions when run in BMP mode.
DFSRRC00 The name of the program that ZDT/IMS attaches to invoke IMS.
PADS Whether or not Program Access to Data Sets (PADS) is used in the environments in which ZDT/IMS is run.
UAGNS Whether or not the subsystem uses AGNs to secure dependent regions.
XDOPTLB Whether or not the members of the DOPT ACBLIB data set are deleted and the DOPT ACBLIB data set is compressed before ZDT/IMS executes an ACBGEN.

All the parameters in Table 1 can be specified on the HFM1POPD and HFM1POPI macro statements except for the PADS parameter, which can only be specified on the HFM1POPD macro statement. For detailed information on how to code these parameters, see ZDT/IMS options.