PARDLI considerations

The PARDLI parameter specifies the parallel DL/I option that ZDT/IMS functions use when they are run in BMP mode.

When this parameter is not specified on the HFM1POPD and HFM1POPI macro statements, ZDT/IMS passes a null value to the IMS™ region controller and IMS uses the default value, PARDLI=0.

With PARDLI=0, a system X22 abend in the BMP region causes the IMS control region to terminate with a U0113 abend.

A system X22 abend will occur in a ZDT/IMS BMP region when:
  • A TSO session executing an Edit or Browse in BMP mode is cancelled or times out.
  • A batch function running in BMP mode is cancelled or times out.

If you want to prevent the control region being terminated with abend U0113 in the above-mentioned instances, you should set PARDLI=1. But note that this setting can degrade performance.