Providing a national language version of HFM0MENU

HFM0MENU contains the assembler source for the messages. To provide translated versions of the messages:

  1. Copy the member HFM0MENU from HFM.SHFMSAM1 to your own source library with the name HFM0Myyy, where yyy is the same language code that you specified to change your print and display translation tables. (See step 4.a above.)
  2. Change the message text in HFM0Myyy in your library.
  3. Modify the HFMUMODM member in HFM.SHFMSAM1 to meet your site's requirements, using the same language code as above. Refer to the usermod for information about other changes you might need to make.
  4. Install SMP/E usermod HFMUMODM.