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Specifies the name of the library from which ZDT/IMS is to load the ZDT/IMS options module - usually HFM1POPT. Note that the member keyword can be used to specify an alternative name to HFM1POPT, if required.

If the DSNAME keyword is specified, ZDT/IMS bypasses the usual library search when loading the ZDT/IMS options module and only searches the specified library for the module.

When the DSNAME keyword is omitted, ZDT/IMS searches load libraries allocated to the user's session in the normal order, for example, LIBDEF, ISPLLIB, STEPLIB, JOBLIB, link list.

One use of this option is in an environment with stringent security requirements, where it is necessary to ensure that all ZDT/IMS users access a particular ZDT/IMS options module, and that the use of this option module cannot be avoided.

The DSNAME keyword is optional.