Once you have determined the correct way to implement DFSORT for use by Z Data Tools at your site, follow the instructions in DFSORT Installation and Customization. You do not need to customize the DFSORT COPY function because Z Data Tools does this automatically. Z Data Tools does not use the DFSORT SORT or MERGE functions.

Note: When Z Data Tools uses DFSORT it presumes that DFSORT will produce message output and will open data set HFMSRTP for DFSORT messages. If the DFSORT installation option MSGPRT is set to NONE (MSGPRT=NONE) then an OPEN abend may occur when the Z Data Tools DFSORT interface module (HFMDFSRT) tries to open message data set HFMSRTP. To avoid this set the DFSORT installation option MSGPRT to ALL (MSGPRT=ALL).