Changing the translation tables in English

If you are using English, you use the usermod HFMUMODT and HFMTRTBS to change the print and display tables.

  1. Check that the terminal on which you want to display Z Data Tools panels supports the display of special characters, or that the universal character buffer (UCB) of your printer has the characters you want to use.
  2. Change the Z Data Tools options to specify PRTTRANS=ON. For information on how to do this, see Changing the default options.
  3. Modify the Z Data Tools translation table as follows:
    1. Copy the member HFMTRTBS from HFM.SHFMSAM1 into your own source library.
    2. Change the translation table definition statements in HFMTRTBS in your source library, according to your requirements, as described above.
    3. Modify the HFMUMODT member in HFM.SHFMSAM1 to meet your site's requirements. Refer to the usermod for information about changes you might need to make.
    4. Install SMP/E usermod HFMUMODT.

To change the tables in languages other than English, see Customizing Z Data Tools for national languages.